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"Kate is amazing. Kate and PeachCraft took Chelsea's acting skills beyond where we thought they could go and now a number of opportunities are coming her way." - Susan Meyers


"I miss having you as an acting coach and being in class with everyone! I love my classes here in LA, but there are no actors studios that have an "ensemble" as close, supportive, comforting, unique, or fun as Peachcraft. And there is no Kate Kennedy on the West Coast!" -Tyler Shamy

"I just wanted to thank you for all your extra-ordinary hard work this summer.  You gave the kids a wonderfully positive experience and I know that my son had a great time and learned a lot.  I enjoyed every performance of the show, the talented kids, and getting to know the other moms as well as yourselves." - Julia Frankel


PeachCraft Film Academy


Founded in 2007, this 4-week, full-day Intensive Digital Filmmaking Workshop will be training each student artist to work in collaboration on development, screenwriting, directing, shooting, editing and distributing short digital films using Pro-Tool professional equipment. All areas of film production will be taught by PeachCraft Faculty who are all professionals in the Industry and can be found on The Internet Movie Database ( The biggest, best, most award-winning movie site on the planet.



DATES Session I: TBD

AGES: 14-20. Class size limited to 10 (ten)*.
TUITION: $4,980.
MATERIALS FEE: $680. Non-refundable separate materials fee due upon acceptance. No exceptions.

* We reserve the right to cancel classes and restrict admissions.


• Articulating new ideas and choosing which will make the most telling stories.
• The nature of the three-act structure, the rise and fall of the story arc.
• Creating memorable characters and establishing the dynamics of conflict.
• The industry standard: how to correctly format and present your screenplay.

• Prioritizing, strategizing, and organizing all the elements of a film.
• Putting together a cast and a crew, scouting and securing locations, acquiring props and equipment.
• Budgeting, scheduling, marketing and advertising.

• Learning to visually tell a story, verbalizing your intentions to actors/crew.
• Working with the camera: framing, blocking, 180-degree rule.
• Covering all angles, the meaning of movement.

• The differences between film cameras and the digital revolution.
• The nature, power, and emotional effects of light, how to use shadows, emphasize or manipulate colors, and more.
• The operation of the camera, focusing, exposures, film speed, white balancing.
• Lighting techniques, three-point set-up.

• Tutorials on the functionality of Final Cut Pro.
• Cutting on action, cutting for continuity vs. for dramatic narrative.
• Special effects, motion control, stretching and compressing moments.

• Basics of DVD Duplication and mass mailings.
• Marketing the idea and converting to a sellable format.
• Preparation and production of posters, DVD cases, press kits.
• Researching appropriate film festivals circuits.

Please call studio to schedule a review of submission material: 908/673-1485

Summer 2008 PeachCraft Young Talent Filmmakers.
Student Filmmakers: Lauren Morra, Ben Romero, Alyssa Claudio, Rachel Donahue, Matthew Marvin, Kyra Morling and Melissa Lawson.
Directors: Kate Kennedy, Tony Jannelli, Andy Breckman of MONK, (seated) & Kevin Seidman, screenwriter (standing).

Summer 2009 PeachCraft Studios Young Talent Filmmakers Back: Sam Weisman, Trevor Silverstein, Eric Richards, Rachel Donahue, Ben Romero, Lauren Cohen, Greg Baron
Front: Tony Jannelli, Kate Kennedy, Ryan Wick, Raena Del'Ermo (na) Melissa Lawson (na).







Matt Ball:
"Last Stop Montauk"
Emme Harris:
"The Last Girl Scout"
Ryan Genualdi:
"Lady in the Looking Glass"
Trevor Silverstein: "Where's Garth Clark?"
Miranda Telmany:
"Date Theory"


Lexa Silverstein
Paulina Casey- Congratulations! Paulina has been cast as "Stephanie" and is now in production on location for her film titled ONCE A MONKEY written by Durier Ryan and directed by Mimi Jeffries.
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Lexa Silverstein
Lexa Silverstein- Congratulations Lexa for recording her first song with Grammy winning Kelly Clarkson's Producer and guitarist, Jimmy Messer. Lexa has studied Voice with Ken Bryson, Head of PeachCraft's Vocal Conservatory for 3 years. Stay tuned for where to download this amazing tune!
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Tyler Shammy Tyler.Shamy- Congratulations for playing "Peter Brady" in Director/Writer, Keenen Ivory Wayans's Dance Flick, and signing with The Osbrink Agency. Please visit Tyler here for his music and news.
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Kyra Morning
Kyra.Morling- Congratulations to Kyra for landing a role in the Off-Broadway Production of A Memory, a Monologue, a Rant and a Prayer directed by Ashley Marinaccio performed at the Gene Frankel Theater, NYC.
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