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"Kate is amazing. Kate and PeachCraft took Chelsea's acting skills beyond where we thought they could go and now a number of opportunities are coming her way." - Susan Meyers


"I just wanted to thank you for all your extra-ordinary hard work this summer.  You gave the kids a wonderfully positive experience and I know that my son had a great time and learned a lot.  I enjoyed every performance of the show, the talented kids, and getting to know the other moms as well as yourselves." - Julia Frankel


PeachCraft Actor's Studio Registration

This page serves as a main registration page for those that already know the classes they will be taking. For descriptions to the programs, please see the individual sections: Group Acting Programs, Individual Acting Programs, PerformanceMedia Programs, Vocal Conservatory Programs. Please review these descriptions as some of the below programs have prerequisites.

**PeachCraft accepts cash, check, money-order and wire transfers. Wire-transfers have a 3% finance charge added. Should payment be made via PayPal and there is an issue with your payment, credit card or confirmation receipt please contact PayPal directly.

We accept:

  1. Download the PeachCraft Studios registration form here.
  2. Print form and complete all fields of information.
  3. Register securely by clicking the ADD TO CART button next to each desired item below.
  4. VIEW CART and proceed to checkout to complete online registration.
  5. In order to secure enrollment and guarentee placement, please return completed Registration form together with a Non-Refundable Registration Fee of $280. no later than June 30th for RETURNING students and July 28th for New Registrants. Absolutely no student will be admitted without this paid for by deadline dates due to strict policy rules.
  6. Absolutely NO REFUNDS after August 24th.

NOTE: All workshops and courses have on-going enrollment for 10 week sessions, meeting once a week, unless otherwise indicated.* Returning students MUST
Re-Register no later than June 10.

Four-Year Professional Acting Track

The Four-Year Professional Acting Track is training for the serious-minded actor who wishes to pursue an accelerated program in acting for stage, film and television. This program is designed for those individuals who wish to earn a living in the traditional industries of film, television and stage as well as in the alternative areas. This is an intensive course where a full commitment is required. Six sessions of Acting Workshop and Voice & Speech are required for this level of achievement. Students will then progress to Master Class by invitation only.

ProTrack Program Sessions: Please choose one session from 1 & 2


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Inspired by Stanislavski, Michael Chekhov, Stella Adler and Kate Kennedy’s own technique, this training offers actors the necessary techniques to transform into character in a healthy and believable manner. Actors are introduced to acting from the beginning with script analysis, given circumstances, awareness, objective, intentions, inner imagery, obstacles, radiating energies, psychological gestures and improvisation. All actors work on-camera for review and adjustments.

Available Sessions:



MON Level I ~ Theatre Games, Ensemble ~ 4:00pm-5:00pm,
Grade 4th-6th, $1080.

WED Level I & II, Classical Acting Tech ~ 4:30pm-6:00pm,
Grade 6th-8th, $1,280

THU LEVEL III-IV, Classical Acting Tech ~ 4:30pm-6:00pm,
Grade 6th-8th $1,280

SAT Masters Class, Company Level ~ 9:00am-1:00pm,
Grade 8th - 12th $1,980

Please note: Levels III-IV and Master Class entrance by Invitation only

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Voice, Speech & Memory

This workshop develops the cognitive fundamentals necessary for continuous improvement in voice, projection, range, articulation, pronunciation, expressive intonation and memory. Areas covered include vocal anatomy, speech articulation, stress, intonation, harmony, accentuation, sound planes, phonetic tools and mnemonic techniques. Actors will build a fundamental awareness, learn key tools for refinement and practice modulations in order to make the most of their voice, speech and memory.

Available Sessions  
WED 6:00pm-7:00pm, $650.
THU 6:00pm-7:00pm, $650.
SAT 12:00pm-1:00pm, $650.
SAT 4:00pm-5:00pm, $650.

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Junior Acting Series

Inspired by Viola Spolin theatre games, this troupe of young creatives develops their ability to expand their imagination through awareness while exploring the process of inventing experiences that are different and new through movement, expressiveness of the actors instrument through improvisation. The students develop a sense of ensemble, script and elements of characterization.

Sessions *8 WEEKS (Class limit 8):  
TUE 4:30pm - 6:00pm, Ages 7- 10, $1080.

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On-Camera Commercial

This workshop is designed for serious minded actors who wish to focus on the unique acting skills required to obtain work in local, regional and national commercials. The program entails Michael Chekhov warm-ups, cold read from current commercial copy, break down of commercial copy, working with casting directors, slate, audition technique, improvisational exercises, and clowning for the camera. Actors are filmed on-camera throughout the program for review and adjustments.

Sessions: Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, Improvisation ~ 8 weeks
MON 7:00pm-8:00pm, $980.
WED 6:00pm-7:00pm, $980.

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Michael Chekhov Improvisation*

Training to release the deep creative powers and abilities through movement, psychological gesture, atmospheres, archtypical gestures, centers and how to physicalize the character choices. The Michael Chekhov Acting Technique allows the actor to fully utilize the body’s energies in order to radiate and express their choices. In this workshop, actors are trained to tap into their imaginations and impulses in order to be creative and spontaneous.

Sessions: *8 WEEKS*  
TUE 7:00pm - 9:00pm, Adults, all levels $980.

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Private Coaching for Actors*

Private coaching sessions available for 8 week sessions, 4 weeks and individual sessions. Please call Studio to schedule.

Sessions: *8 Weeks*  

8 hours x 45 min. $980.

4 hours x 45 min. $500.

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Private Coaching for Auditions

Private coaching is available for artists who are auditioning for film, stage and television. The material is broken down and the character is developed to the level of confidence to meet with the decision makers. 

45 min, please inquire to schedule, $125.

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Demo Reel Filming & Production

Private filming sessions are available for artists who wish to compile DVD demo reels for submissions to Casting Directors, Agents and Talent Managers as well as for school admission requirements.
*Fee includes Rehearsal, Filming, Editing and Production

$250. Per session
$550. Compilation*

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Private Consultation

Private consultations are available for interested members who wish to speak on-one-one regarding personal potential, industry career paths, and related topics.

1 hr, please inquire to schedule, $150.

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Headshot Selection & Resume Review

Headshot selection and resume review is available to actors who wish to consult on the suitability and effectiveness of their existing materials. Notes on adjustments are provided. 

30 min, please inquire to schedule, $150.

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Resume Building

Resume building is available to actors who wish to build a resume with professional content and layout. Finished resumes are provided in Microsoft Word format.

Please inquire to schedule, $100.

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Musical Cabaret Ensemble

This course is designed to aid the students in finding the comfort and skills needed to sing in ensembles as well as solo work. Along with learning solos, students will also work on duets, trios, quartets and larger groups in which they will learn how to sing in harmony to balance and blend their voice within the ensemble. Students will also work on technique and musical expression within their singing. Previous singing experience is required. Class members will work on scenes and song repertoire appropriate for their age group and vocal ability. A performance will take place at the end of the course for an invited audience.

Musical Cabaret Ensemble I  
Audition Required  
Grades 3-5 Wed 4:30-6:00  
• Fundamentals of Music Reading Level I
• Basic Vocal Technique
• Performance Etiquette
• Characterization
10 weeks, $980.


Musical Cabaret Ensemble II  
Audition Required  
Grades 6-8 Mon. 4:30-6:00  
• Musical History
• Intermediate Vocal Technique
• Performance Etiquette
• Characterization
• Music Reading Level II
10 weeks, $980.


Musical Cabaret Ensemble III  
Audition Required  
Grades 9-12 Thurs. 4:30-6:00  
• Music Reading Level III
• Advanced Vocal Technique
• Theory
• Characterization
• Performance Etiquette
• Learning the Business
10 weeks, $980.


Masters Level  
More information to be announced at a later date.  

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Audition Technique

This course is designed to develop and perfect the skills necessary for music auditions. Emphasis will be placed on identifying and using the students’ own personal strengths and qualities, controlling anxiety, improving concentration and listening skills, developing spontaneity and perfecting the art of cold readings. In addition, students will prepare and present audition songs and compile appropriate repertoire sets.

No prerequisites are required, open to students of all ages.

Tues. 4:30PM -6:00PM  
10 weeks, $975.  

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Private Voice Lessons

A comprehensive versatile vocal technique is taught. All students will develop a vocal repertoire suited to their individual voice and ability. All students will perform in a studio recital upon the completion of each semester. Please call studio to schedule all private lessons.


8 x 55 minutes, $980.

4 x 55 minutes, $500.
1 x 55 minutes, $125.
1 x 30 minutes, $65.

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Role Prep

The student will work one on one with a faculty member in the study and preparation of an entire musical theater role. The student will be expected to do research on the character, the show, composer and other components which are essential to the development of the character and role. The student will also be required to memorize the role in its entirety. It is not required that the student be cast in the role chosen to work on, this is simply a means to develop role repertoire and the process needed to learn a role.

Call studio to schedule


8 x 55 minutes, $980.

4 x 55 minutes $500.  

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